Hello :).. Thank you firstly for visiting my blog!

My name is Michael Mentoor and I am 21 years old. I live in a small town called Pniel (It’s a biblical name, Genesis 32:30,  which is pretty cool, English spelling is a bit different though) in the Western Cape, South Africa. I attend Stellenbosch University and am currently (2015) a 2nd year Theology student. I started out studying Engineering, but failed quite badly yet God used it all for His glory and called me out of my failure and into His purpose. You can read more about this miracle here.

I am an introvert, yet love meeting new people, I love a good café mocha, I am often perceived as a person who has it all under control, but if it hasn’t been for the grace of God I wouldn’t be here today. I often fail at fasting, don’t always want to read my Bible, sometimes care to much about what people think and often focus more on how I represent God on the outside and in public than on the inside and in private.

To be Christian is where I write about the things I have struggled with and where God has showed me the outcome. It is where I share the answers to my confusion and where I share the lessons God has taught me through tough times. This blog is not a blueprint to the perfect Christian life, but it is a bunch of words, grouped together, to hopefully form an encouraging piece of writing, that when it is read, equips and inspires others to live more like Jesus.

This blog covers a great variety of elements of a Christian’s journey, however, even though I write what I truly believe God has placed on my heart, I would want nothing more than to have you reading this, study the Bible and decide for yourself if it is beneficial for you to read this blog. Let this blog never be your primary source of guidance. Read the Bible and consult the Holy Spirit. This blog is meant to function as a compliment, an addition, to your walk with Christ that hopefully points you in the direction of God. 🙂

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  1. I think that what you do is amazing, I love your instagram page! May God bless you abundantly on your journey. I feel you could really inspire some people to be better.

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