Why do we fear so Easily?

One thing that I’ve realised lately is that we really shouldn’t fear ANYTHING.

We so easily create excuses to validate our fears. Recently I had to do my first sermon and it was in the midst of the craziest few weeks with so many tests and assignments that were also due.
At first, I was really nervous and stressed about my sermon, because formal talks are a bit intimidating and I have never done an official sermon before, and I tend to be nervous in front of crowds, and what if I fail? Or what if I accidentally say something that is Biblically wrong? The list of excuses I had for my stress went on and on.

But then God asked me, “Why do you fear?” And it suddenly dawned on me as I thought about all my invalid excuses… I am living as if I don’t have a Heavenly Father who’s unchanging nature is to care for me, sustain me and compensate for all my lacks and failures.

I understand now that God’s desire to be there for us doesn’t depend on the situation we are in or on how deserving we are of His helping hand. It is always there because it’s in His nature to be there for us!
And I only had the greatest time doing my first sermon and overcame my fear op public speaking, because I realized that I have nothing to fear because God is ALWAYS with me.
Make no mistake, nerves and stomach knots do still occur, but it influences nothing. It used to influence everything! The flesh sometimes takes a while to adapt to what has happened in the spirit.
That’s why we need to persevere and claim the promises we have in Christ; even though our emotions and circumstances tell the opposite!

It takes deliberate and conscious effort to change our minds into trusting God with EVERYTHING, but we really need to trust Him!

Fear, stress, anxiety and all these things might be rational/normal responses because situations seem so “immense”. But we, honestly, just need to rest in the fact that God got this. It’s not about the rational response, it’s about what we believe to be eternally true; that God is always there for us!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways, and He will guide you on the right paths.       Proverbs 3:5-6

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