1 Thing I’ve Learned From 2015

2015 is done and the new year is on the verge of giving way to its first two months; and although I don’t like to dwell on past things there is something from 2015, among other things, that really stuck with me.

During one of my classes last year, a man came to speak to us about using our faith in practical ways to share the love of God. He said a lot of things and I can’t remember any of them, however, I do remember one sentence that he said which I found to be quite profound. He said,

“When God made you, He was thinking of someone else.”

Now I know this phrase can be misunderstood and it doesn’t mean that God didn’t think about us when He made us. What it means is that when God made us, He also thought about the people that He would touch through us.I love the Passion conferences. About a week ago I went to Passion in Cape Town, South Africa and it was amazing. I loved the sermon by Louie Giglio! It was such a “simple” sermon about the Gospel, the Cross, and at the same time so profound. He shared the Good News and I know lives were changed as the Holy Spirit moved throughout the stadium. Just over a month ago the annual Passion Conference took place in America and more than 40 000 students attended. I can just imagine God creating Louie and thinking of all the amazing things He is going to do through him. How He is going to use Louie to impact thousands of people all over the world to live for Him and share His love throughout the world.

I realized on that day that I wasn’t created for myself; I was created for someone else. I was created to feed the guy on the street, to love my enemy, to stretch out my hand to those in need and to shine my light for Christ wherever I am, so that others might encounter Jesus.
The question is, though what is preventing us from reaching others? If God had other people in mind when He created us, have we really made all effort to reach those people? God called me to start To be Christian a few years ago and I have seen God help so many people through me. I just wonder who would’ve helped those people, who God had predestined me to help, if I would’ve ignored them?

I’ve driven past so many homeless people and although I can’t feed all of them, I can feed some of them. Often I do feed them, but there are times when I feel convicted to go the extra mile and buy food for someone and I end up not doing so. That person had to sleep on an empty stomach that night because I wasn’t willing to live out my faith. God thought of the guy on the street when He made me and I believe that it is my responsibility to reach those people because they were placed on my path. If I ought to ignore the people who have been placed on my path, then who will help them? Who will show and tell them that there actually is a God, who really cares for them and loves them?

I believe God has created all of us with a purpose to reach others. Whether it is in the big deeds or in the small, both are significant. So let us not get distracted and focus on things that are keeping us from reaching others. God wants to shine His light on this earth and He has chosen us to be that light.

As salt enriches that which it is thrown into and light exposes the reality of that which already exists; so we are to enrich the surroundings we are placed in and expose the love of God everywhere we go. (Paraphrase of Matthew 5:13-16)

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