To be Christian – Giving

It’s probably a year now since God gave me a passion for giving. It’s not like I didn’t like to give before then, but since then I felt more responsible to give. I like to listen to Francis Chan’s sermons and he often preaches on how we as Christians should make giving a part of our daily lives. One of the things I absolutely love about Jesus is that He never looked down on those who are marginalized by society.

I regularly drive by homeless people and people standing at robots with posters saying “Need money, need work, homeless” or something similar to that and I think to myself, should I give them money? Should I help them? Or should I just drive by and let them be? I’ve never done the latter and felt good about it. I feel convicted to give to people who are less fortunate and it doesn’t root from guilt; I just can’t see Jesus driving by and leaving anyone in need to care for themselves.

I would ask people about this and their response would be something similar to “they can go find work” or “they will use the money for drugs” or something else that is bad for them. Although To be Christian – Giving is not about giving money to the homeless, (but rather food or something else that can help them) it is about giving even though the person on the receiving end might not use it in the best way. Think about it like this: Jesus died for every person on this earth. He gave His life for every person who will ever live so that they may find salvation in Him. He knew a lot of people will realize this gift and ignore it. He knew a lot of people will abuse this gift for personal and selfish reasons, yet He still went through the pain and suffering for us all.

To be honest it’s because of this gift, which I am not worthy of, that I have truly found Christ. I’ve abused my gift of salvation a lot of times. I’ve made grace cheap and I’ve ignored the great suffering Jesus had to endure to save me. Even though I did all of this, God never turned His back on me. He never gave up on me even though I selfishly abused all that He has done for me. At the end of the day it is because of Jesus’ never-ending pursuit that I have changed my selfish desires and chose to live for Him fully. God doesn’t look for those who are worthy and perfect, because none of us are. He’s looking for anyone who is willing to admit that they are broken and need Him.

In the same way giving shouldn’t be determined by how it might possibly be received. If your goodness towards other people is determined by their goodness towards you, then your goodness probably won’t last long. To be Christian – Giving is about one part of being a Christian and that is to give. This doesn’t refer to tithing or offerings. It refers to being blessed to be a blessing. The early church sold all their possessions and divided everything equally among them so that there wouldn’t be people who had either too much or too little. This truly reflects the heart of To be Christian – Giving.

I love coffee and often I would skip a meal and just buy a café mocha instead (I know, it’s not the healthiest thing in the world :D). My point is, I can easily buy two coffees and give one away, because I am fortunate enough to be able to do so. I want to live a life where giving and buying things for others (for no real reason other than that is what Christians do) is normal and part of my daily routine.

At times I’ve tried to convince myself that all my money will be used for urgent causes and I couldn’t really afford to give some away for no reason. I failed and I know that a lot of people, like me, are spending money unnecessarily on things they don’t really need or could’ve easily sacrificed for a better cause.

To encourage this biblical way of living I created an Instagram page called To be Christian – Giving, functioning as a branch of To be Christian, where I will post photos or videos of people who I give things to, such as food, clothes, coffee or anything for that matter. As Christians we are to show our good deeds for the world so that God can be glorified through it (Matt 5:16). So anyone can do the same by posting their photos on Instagram and just tag To be Christian – Giving in the photo or video so that I can post it on the To be Christian – Giving page and tag you in that photo or video in return.

The purpose behind this is not to give ourselves credit nor to give ourselves recognition, but to show the world that there is something different about being Christian; that we live from a position of love, compassion and caring.

If you would like to be a part of this movement, the best starting point would probably be to go to the Instagram page here and see the Scriptures that To be Christian – Giving is based on. This is something God called me to do so I am grounding it in His word. I hope we can shine the light of God through this and show the world the unconditional and undiscriminating love of God.

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