Talk to God about God

Being a Christian for almost 10 years I have experienced times where I have been really close to God and times where I have been very distant from Him, and no matter how I try to put it, I realize that this is only due to my own negligence in pursuing Him. The distance between me and God was not created because God needed a moment away from me or because my sin intimidated Him. On the contrary, God has searched for us and longs to be with us since the beginning with Adam and Eve. God really wants to be with us and He always pursues us, and as amazing as this is to understand and live in, the Bible also tells us our part of the story. In James 4:8 we read the following:

“Come close to God and God will come close to you.”

As Christians, we have the responsibility to pursue God. When I was a young boy I always spoke about the things in my life with God. If I had problems, questions or anything I would talk to God about it, and as great as this is, I later realized that all I ever spoke about was myself. Only Michael-related issues were important enough to be spoken about and although my intentions were never to have everything revolve around me, as I grew older I kind of felt God asking me, “Can we talk about me for a bit?”

It wasn’t that God needed me to talk about Him, God isn’t insecure. He doesn’t long for a conversation about Him, but God wants me to talk about Him, because it is better for me to talk about God than to talk about myself. God wants us to talk about our emotions, struggles, victories and everything, but we also need talk about God. We need to realise that the greatest thing that has ever happened in our relationship with Jesus, is Him dying on the cross for us which enables us to actually have a relationship with Him. So we need to talk to God about God so that we can understand what the essence of the relationship is all about. Talk about the Bible and what His will and purpose is for you. It is far more beneficial and fulfilling for us to talk about these things.

When we talk about our problems with God our perspectives of our problems doesn’t necessarily change. However, I find it very unlikely that our perspectives won’t change if we speak about God in the midst of our problems. Now this is a personal statement, meaning that this is how I experience it. For example when I failed my engineering degree in 2013 (You can read about it here) I was devastated for about a month and I only felt better once I knew God was calling me to study theology. Before then, however, the reality I had to face was still pretty sad and intense. For that entire month I talked to God about failing engineering and having to deal with it and my perspective of the struggle I was going through never changed. It was only near the end of that particular month that I started to focus more on God than my own issues. Since then my perspective changed and suddenly the embarrassment and not knowing what to do with the rest of my life didn’t seem so overwhelming. I went from speaking to God about my failure, to speaking about God in the midst of my failure. It’s like making a bold statement, a declaration if you will, that even in the midst of current circumstances, God is still in control and will still have His way in this moment even if we cannot understand it.

I believe God want us to talk about ourselves with Him, because He wants to be our closest friend, but he also wants us to talk about Him simply because there is nothing better and more beneficial for us to talk about. Because God loves us so much He only wants the best for us, and He knows that the best for us is to talk about Him.

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