P.S. God Loves You

Being a Christian is an extraordinary privilege. It is not the result of our own doing nor is it a reward for the elite of humanity. It is merely the freely given gift of the Father to a broken creation that He loves very much. I think that if we really experience God for who He truly is, we would tell everyone about the gift that He offers. The beauty of the gift is not wealth, it’s not pleasure nor is it status or fame; it is God Himself. As a Father, God loves us so much and wants to give us only the best and the best He can give us is Himself; nothing is more than God. If God didn’t love us that much He would give us money, earthly pleasure and maybe a few thousand followers on Instagram to boost our self-esteem, but because He loves us so, so much He wants to give us that which won’t temporarily fill us and leave us empty afterwards. He loves us too much to offer us a gift that won’t sustain us and fill us with significance and purpose.

That is why the Bible tells us to not pursue sexual pleasure, or fame or money or alcohol or anything other than Jesus. It’s not to keep us from living a good life; it’s to help us realize that pursuing these things will only frustrate us, because it’s not the real deal. We get distracted and follow what seems to be fulfilling in this world, but we end up disappointed and full of shame and guilt. So many people think the Christian life is full of rules that just exhaust all the joy out of life, but I don’t think they understand. Being a Christian is a declaration that you finally realize that what God offers is better than all. It fills all the voids and gives reason for life, it fills us with purpose.

Reading the Bible is like God’s way of saying I am what you have been looking for; I am the best you can ever experience or find in your entire existence. So don’t pursue earthly things, because it‘s going to promise what only I can give you, but will never be able to deliver on that promise. It might sound arrogant, but it’s the purest form of love. It’s God looking at you and saying I love you so much, that I only want to give you the best, and since nothing can be better or more than Me, because I am God, I am offering myself to you. Pursue Me, follow Me, put your trust in Me and I won’t let go of you, I will never let you down, but you have to follow Me with your entire heart, because following Me while simultaneously following something else will only hinder your sight and you won’t realize who I truly am.

See God loves you, and I know it’s been said all over the place, everyone has probably heard or seen the words “God loves you”, but allow it to sink in, to really see the words you are looking at. Realizing that GOD… LOVES…YOU. Even though the mistakes, even though the shameful acts you never thought you’d do, even though the disappointment you might think you are, God sent His Son, Jesus, to take that all away. He only wants you to realize that He is what you have been looking for.

My prayer truly is that you understand the desire God has for you to accept the fact that He already chose you and that He wants you to choose Him in response. I am writing this not because I am victorious in all of my struggles in life and have a blueprint to successful Christianity, but because I am now able to see that it’s not because of reaching a certain level of purity that fills me and makes sense of this thing we call life, it’s only because I realized it’s only God and the pursuit of Him that can possibly add value to such a broken person and He can add value to you too.

2 thoughts on “P.S. God Loves You

  1. Greetings Michael,

    Just wanted to thank you for your obedience. This post was a timely reminder of a unshakable truth. God loves us. As I was reading the post I felt convicted to the point of tears.

    I have been so caught up in ministry and life that I sometimes forget what this is all about. So it was good to be reminded of the fact that true love is not us loving God but God loving us.

    I wish you all the best for the path forward and may you continue to grow in your walk will God and bless us with the fruits of his grace in your life.


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  2. Hey Roland! Thanx for your much appreciated comment! 🙂
    I am really glad that this post could in some way encourage you and lead you closer to God. Thanx also for the great wishes, I pray the best for you also!


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