The Light of God’s Love Will Pierce Even the Darkest Night

It’s strange how life can from time to time knock us below ground level. How we can get speechless because of the harsh reality we have to face. Having to take a moment to gather what is left from what used to be normal…

Times will come when chaos erupts in our lives and we have to deal with it, trying to keep our composure as the waves rise one after the other and we get swept under… Where is God in the midst of all this confusion? Why do we have to go through these things?

I have experienced that when darkness rises from all around youit’s then when we see God’s light the clearest.

It’s then when we see His helping hands work in the most miraculous ways. In the midst of all the chaos God is our stability. I encourage you, have faith in the times when it seem as though it won’t change anything.

Only faith in God can keep you afloat in the middle of the ocean; for even though the waters rise, our Saviour, Jesus Christ, walks on water! He is our only refuge and our security. In Him we place our hope.

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