Exchanging $100 for $10

Temptations make up such a big part of our reality in contemporary life. No one has a passive personality that never changes. We experience excitement, happiness, joy, love, but then also sadness, despair, loneliness, pain, anger etc. This is all part of life. Things happen and it influences the manner in which we react and express ourselves.

Imagine we had like a standard 5 minutes after every occurrence that took place in our life to deal with the impact of it and think of how to respond in a Christian-like manner. That would be so awesome, but not always possible. I have had times when I said things I regretted afterwards, because I didn’t think of what I’m actually saying. I have done certain things I am not proud of, because I didn’t think of the implications it would have. I am sure you stand alongside me in this boat, because we have all had times where there simply was no time to think of what we should do next that would be the best response in the situation; or we consciously chose to express our emotions without any thought or care for what the implications might be.

My point is that we get tempted to say, think and do certain things based on the influence of different things we encounter. This can obviously be in a positive or a negative way, but our issue is with the negative part. The temptation part…

The decisions we make during temptations are all made in our minds and during this “tempt-phase” we add up the pro’s and con’s of saying yes to this temptation leading us to sin. The thing is we are not stable in this phase. I have given in to temptations and afterwards thought to myself what an absolute stupid decision, you just said yes to something so worthless and temporary, useless and worst of all in my spirit I feel pulled away from God. This is what you call exchanging $100 for $10.

Temptations are these moments where we are offered something very small that can give us temporary pleasure, but we perceive it as something so great and worthy that we give up our greatest dreams, values, morals, relationships, opportunities, the $100, all to experience the small thing offered, the $10. People throw their dignity and character away for a moment of pleasure that is nothing compared to the thing sacrificed. We throw away such great things all because of how we perceive that which is offered to us when we are tempted and it is NEVER EVER worth it.

Satan offered Jesus 3 very attractive “deals” after Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights and tempted Him to take it. I believe Jesus saw the worthless in what satan claimed and argued to be so valuable. Jesus was focused on His mission, and that is to please His Father and finish what He was sent to finish and He never gave in to any temptations.

My prayer is that we look at temptations with the same eyes as Jesus and that we will see the worthless in what satan claims to be valuable.

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