God will give you the many when you learn to manage the little

We often wish God will expand, multiply, increase and bless the things that form part of our lives. Think of all the things you are involved in, maybe your work, ministry, relationships etc. and look at the current state of these things. Don’t you wish they were more prosperous? Don’t you want them to give you greater joy and have more significance and value?

I really believe that God is waiting to bless us, waiting to take us to the next level and ready to show us more of what He has in store for us, but we need to realise that we need to discipline ourselves and commit ourselves to the opportunities God has given us, because with opportunity comes responsibility.

A father won’t give a his child $100 pocket money if he couldn’t manage $10; because the $100 might cause the child to do foolish things and waste it. The father waits until his child manages to discipline himself with the $10, learning to spend it wisely and from there on he increases it as the child learns to manage it accordingly.

God is waiting on you to manage the opportunities He has given you, by realising the important responsibility that comes with it and committing yourself to make the best out of what God has given you.

He wants to bless you, He wants your business to get more clients, he wants the things in your life to grow and become greater, but not if it means that you get crushed under the weight. If a larger business will lead you to neglect your family or if a personal relationship would lead to you failing at managing time in your life and ruining other dreams, because you’re not managing things as it is now then you need to manage your current state to make room for greater things.

Your blessings are waiting for you, commit and discipline yourself to the present, but let God help you with this and then you’ll see an increase in your life, because God has greater things planed for you.

God will give you the many if you learn to manage the little.

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