Why do we fear so Easily?

One thing that I’ve realised lately is that we really shouldn’t fear ANYTHING.

We so easily create excuses to validate our fears. Recently I had to do my first sermon and it was in the midst of the craziest few weeks with so many tests and assignments that were also due.
At first, I was really nervous and stressed about my sermon, because formal talks are a bit intimidating and I have never done an official sermon before, and I tend to be nervous in front of crowds, and what if I fail? Or what if I accidentally say something that is Biblically wrong? The list of excuses I had for my stress went on and on.

But then God asked me, “Why do you fear?” And it suddenly dawned on me as I thought about all my invalid excuses… I am living as if I don’t have a Heavenly Father who’s unchanging nature is to care for me, sustain me and compensate for all my lacks and failures.

I understand now that God’s desire to be there for us doesn’t depend on the situation we are in or on how deserving we are of His helping hand. It is always there because it’s in His nature to be there for us!
And I only had the greatest time doing my first sermon and overcame my fear op public speaking, because I realized that I have nothing to fear because God is ALWAYS with me.
Make no mistake, nerves and stomach knots do still occur, but it influences nothing. It used to influence everything! The flesh sometimes takes a while to adapt to what has happened in the spirit.
That’s why we need to persevere and claim the promises we have in Christ; even though our emotions and circumstances tell the opposite!

It takes deliberate and conscious effort to change our minds into trusting God with EVERYTHING, but we really need to trust Him!

Fear, stress, anxiety and all these things might be rational/normal responses because situations seem so “immense”. But we, honestly, just need to rest in the fact that God got this. It’s not about the rational response, it’s about what we believe to be eternally true; that God is always there for us!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways, and He will guide you on the right paths.       Proverbs 3:5-6

5 Essentials to Strengthen Your Walk with God

Just a quick side note: These 5 essentials are in no way the only 5, and neither are they written in any order. These are merely 5 parts of being a Christian that, from a personal view, function as the glue in my own walk with Christ. If I ought to neglect these 5 aspects then I wouldn’t really be able to say that I am a Christian or I would be lukewarm at best. That said, let’s get right to it!

#1 Consistency and Commitment

If you want to know what goes on in your heart, look at your actions, thoughts and words. That’s why Proverbs 4:23 tells us to watch over our hearts with all diligence. Now if you want to know how committed you are to Christ look at how consistent your actions, thoughts, and words reflect the love you have for Him. Our consistency reveals our commitment. Reading the Bible is great, praying is great and going to church is great, but are you consistent in doing so? I think it’s safe to say that God allows the committed to experience more of Him because they draw near to Him every day.

This is definitely the case in my walk with Christ. I experience His presence more as I seek Him more. It’s like Jeremiah 29:13 says, “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” Seeking God with all your heart, for me, is seeking Him every day. A lot of times we make the error of basing our commitment on our feelings and emotions. Emotions change every day, our commitment shouldn’t. If we really want to find God, we must seek Him with all our heart; and seeking God with all our heart requires our actions, words and thoughts to consistently reflect our commitment to Him.

#2 Growth

One of the things I always say is that satan hates it when we grow in our faith, but he’ll settle with keeping us stagnant in our faith. Often times our walk with Christ consists of a few steps forward and a few steps back and we seem to never make any real progress. We need to have a desire to grow. Life often takes the form of two decisions. Either you throw away all ambition and become satisfied with where you are now, or you look reality in the eye and fight for what you know you can achieve. The same counts for our walk with Christ. We can either look at ourselves and accept where we are or we can look at God and accept that we are made for more and then in our pursuit, rely on God, to get there.

#3 Pursue God for God

If you were to be honest with yourself and ask what the main reason is why you are following Christ, what would it be? Is it maybe to go to heaven? A lot of things can take God’s place in our lives without us even realizing it. This was the case for so many years in my walk with Christ. I got so concerned with running from sin that it became one of the main reasons why I followed Christ; because only He can truly deliver us from sin. Let Jesus be your desire and your reward. Let us not pursue God for the benefits of pursuing Him, but let us pursue Him because it is our hearts’ desire to be with Him.

#4 Understand Your Faith

It is one thing to say that Jesus died for your sins and it is a totally different thing to actually understand the implications and meaning it has for you today. It is one thing to say God is a gracious God and it is a totally different thing to actually grasp the immensity of His grace. Knowledge without understanding has very little value to us. Once you have the knowledge and you are able to understand then you start to change, because you are starting to grasp the immense weight of Jesus’ mission and the divine implications the completion of that mission has for those who believe. Always seek to know more about God and ask Him to reveal more of Himself to you so that you can also understand.

#5 Trust God

Now even though this might sound obvious, it is a vital part of the foundation of our faith. Let me explain with one example: Temptations have always been a great issue for humanity. Everyone has to fight against it, but not everyone is victorious over it. A temptation is simply a false representation of satisfaction. It promises all kinds of fulfillment, but it leaves you empty and filled with shame, guilt, and disappointment (James 1:12-16 describes it perfectly). Now, as Christians, we believe that God is our provider. He is our Father and takes care of us, however, when it comes to temptations we seem to forget about this. We lose trust in His ability to give us joy, pleasure, significance, and fulfillment, and so we turn our backs on God and pursue worthless voids because we don’t trust that God is the giver of every good and perfect gift. Imagine we trust God through all the ups and downs; we would have such fulfilling lives and reach so many great heights.

The Christian path isn’t always the easiest path to walk on. It is often really intimidating and requires great discipline because there are so many distractions that want to deceive us. So trust God no matter what and you will start to see that the more you trust Him, the more trustworthy you find Him to be.

1 Thing I’ve Learned From 2015

2015 is done and the new year is on the verge of giving way to its first two months; and although I don’t like to dwell on past things there is something from 2015, among other things, that really stuck with me.

During one of my classes last year, a man came to speak to us about using our faith in practical ways to share the love of God. He said a lot of things and I can’t remember any of them, however, I do remember one sentence that he said which I found to be quite profound. He said,

“When God made you, He was thinking of someone else.”

Now I know this phrase can be misunderstood and it doesn’t mean that God didn’t think about us when He made us. What it means is that when God made us, He also thought about the people that He would touch through us.I love the Passion conferences. About a week ago I went to Passion in Cape Town, South Africa and it was amazing. I loved the sermon by Louie Giglio! It was such a “simple” sermon about the Gospel, the Cross, and at the same time so profound. He shared the Good News and I know lives were changed as the Holy Spirit moved throughout the stadium. Just over a month ago the annual Passion Conference took place in America and more than 40 000 students attended. I can just imagine God creating Louie and thinking of all the amazing things He is going to do through him. How He is going to use Louie to impact thousands of people all over the world to live for Him and share His love throughout the world.

I realized on that day that I wasn’t created for myself; I was created for someone else. I was created to feed the guy on the street, to love my enemy, to stretch out my hand to those in need and to shine my light for Christ wherever I am, so that others might encounter Jesus.
The question is, though what is preventing us from reaching others? If God had other people in mind when He created us, have we really made all effort to reach those people? God called me to start To be Christian a few years ago and I have seen God help so many people through me. I just wonder who would’ve helped those people, who God had predestined me to help, if I would’ve ignored them?

I’ve driven past so many homeless people and although I can’t feed all of them, I can feed some of them. Often I do feed them, but there are times when I feel convicted to go the extra mile and buy food for someone and I end up not doing so. That person had to sleep on an empty stomach that night because I wasn’t willing to live out my faith. God thought of the guy on the street when He made me and I believe that it is my responsibility to reach those people because they were placed on my path. If I ought to ignore the people who have been placed on my path, then who will help them? Who will show and tell them that there actually is a God, who really cares for them and loves them?

I believe God has created all of us with a purpose to reach others. Whether it is in the big deeds or in the small, both are significant. So let us not get distracted and focus on things that are keeping us from reaching others. God wants to shine His light on this earth and He has chosen us to be that light.

As salt enriches that which it is thrown into and light exposes the reality of that which already exists; so we are to enrich the surroundings we are placed in and expose the love of God everywhere we go. (Paraphrase of Matthew 5:13-16)

To be Christian – Giving

It’s probably a year now since God gave me a passion for giving. It’s not like I didn’t like to give before then, but since then I felt more responsible to give. I like to listen to Francis Chan’s sermons and he often preaches on how we as Christians should make giving a part of our daily lives. One of the things I absolutely love about Jesus is that He never looked down on those who are marginalized by society.

I regularly drive by homeless people and people standing at robots with posters saying “Need money, need work, homeless” or something similar to that and I think to myself, should I give them money? Should I help them? Or should I just drive by and let them be? I’ve never done the latter and felt good about it. I feel convicted to give to people who are less fortunate and it doesn’t root from guilt; I just can’t see Jesus driving by and leaving anyone in need to care for themselves.

I would ask people about this and their response would be something similar to “they can go find work” or “they will use the money for drugs” or something else that is bad for them. Although To be Christian – Giving is not about giving money to the homeless, (but rather food or something else that can help them) it is about giving even though the person on the receiving end might not use it in the best way. Think about it like this: Jesus died for every person on this earth. He gave His life for every person who will ever live so that they may find salvation in Him. He knew a lot of people will realize this gift and ignore it. He knew a lot of people will abuse this gift for personal and selfish reasons, yet He still went through the pain and suffering for us all.

To be honest it’s because of this gift, which I am not worthy of, that I have truly found Christ. I’ve abused my gift of salvation a lot of times. I’ve made grace cheap and I’ve ignored the great suffering Jesus had to endure to save me. Even though I did all of this, God never turned His back on me. He never gave up on me even though I selfishly abused all that He has done for me. At the end of the day it is because of Jesus’ never-ending pursuit that I have changed my selfish desires and chose to live for Him fully. God doesn’t look for those who are worthy and perfect, because none of us are. He’s looking for anyone who is willing to admit that they are broken and need Him.

In the same way giving shouldn’t be determined by how it might possibly be received. If your goodness towards other people is determined by their goodness towards you, then your goodness probably won’t last long. To be Christian – Giving is about one part of being a Christian and that is to give. This doesn’t refer to tithing or offerings. It refers to being blessed to be a blessing. The early church sold all their possessions and divided everything equally among them so that there wouldn’t be people who had either too much or too little. This truly reflects the heart of To be Christian – Giving.

I love coffee and often I would skip a meal and just buy a café mocha instead (I know, it’s not the healthiest thing in the world :D). My point is, I can easily buy two coffees and give one away, because I am fortunate enough to be able to do so. I want to live a life where giving and buying things for others (for no real reason other than that is what Christians do) is normal and part of my daily routine.

At times I’ve tried to convince myself that all my money will be used for urgent causes and I couldn’t really afford to give some away for no reason. I failed and I know that a lot of people, like me, are spending money unnecessarily on things they don’t really need or could’ve easily sacrificed for a better cause.

To encourage this biblical way of living I created an Instagram page called To be Christian – Giving, functioning as a branch of To be Christian, where I will post photos or videos of people who I give things to, such as food, clothes, coffee or anything for that matter. As Christians we are to show our good deeds for the world so that God can be glorified through it (Matt 5:16). So anyone can do the same by posting their photos on Instagram and just tag To be Christian – Giving in the photo or video so that I can post it on the To be Christian – Giving page and tag you in that photo or video in return.

The purpose behind this is not to give ourselves credit nor to give ourselves recognition, but to show the world that there is something different about being Christian; that we live from a position of love, compassion and caring.

If you would like to be a part of this movement, the best starting point would probably be to go to the Instagram page here and see the Scriptures that To be Christian – Giving is based on. This is something God called me to do so I am grounding it in His word. I hope we can shine the light of God through this and show the world the unconditional and undiscriminating love of God.

The What, How and Why of being a Christian.

Being a Christian is a really awesome thing. It is a privilege and an honor. It has changed my life to a point where I can only stand in awe and thank God for all that He has done.

I have walked this path following Christ for almost a decade now and for a great part of this decade I didn’t really know what I believe or how it impacts my life. Sure I knew the basic Christian doctrine and I knew the Bible and most of its stories, but I didn’t know what it actually means or the implications it has. Because of this I only had a partial view of what Christianity is all about. I struggled with sin and didn’t know why I still desired the things of this world. I was confused, because I knew that if I truly understood the Christian faith I would be changed. I knew that if I would truly encountered Jesus in His glorified state and not just understand a worldly description of Him, I would be changed.

And so I sought after and pursued the “real Jesus”, hoping to understand what my faith means. I got saved probably at the age of 12 years old and at the age of 19, even though I knew I was saved, I raised my hand at the altar call in church one Sunday morning, because I thought that I would experience Jesus if I did that; but life went on after a few days of feeling very motivated to make a change in my life. I got frustrated because I expected the altar call to change me. Being brought up in a church where they only baptize you when you are still a small baby, I later looked at baptism as the moment when I will experience Jesus change my life and that my heart will then pursue only Him. So I got baptized and nothing happened.

I got tired and frustrated of trying to find the “real Jesus”, but I always pursued Him. I would watch an incredible sermon online and feel so fired up to be the best Christian I can be, but then I realized that the passion within me eventually fades away and I still have a heart that desires worldly things even though I know God and believe in Him. I felt so disheartened, because no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to last. I was a Christian, but I only experienced moments where I truly loved and wanted to follow God, but then after these moments I became very lazy and undisciplined.

One of the great struggles I had was having devotions or quiet time with God. I knew God wanted me to pursue Him and as a Christian that is quite obvious. The thing is though, I knew what I was supposed to do, but I had no desire to do it. I would experience the fullness of this struggle at times when I would spend time playing PlayStation (Yes, Christians do Play PlayStation). I would sit in front of the TV, probably playing Fifa, as you do, and I would feel the Holy Spirit convict me to go to my room and spend time reading the Bible, pray and just talk to God, but I had just no desire to do so. And I would at times ask God why I am like this. Why is it so hard to just put down the controller, go to my room and read the Bible? It’s not like I had some bad experience spending time with God in the past. I always feel refreshed, filled with purpose and inspired after I spend time praying, reading His word and talking to Him about the things in my life. Yet I don’t want to exchange time playing Fifa, for time with the Creator of all things. It felt almost like I couldn’t just stand up and go to my room. It really felt so distant and I really couldn’t understand why, even though I know what I am supposed to, I still don’t do it.

My relationship with God would continue like this for years as I struggled to find the passion and will to pursue Him. I would do all the basic Christian things like go to church, live a “good” life and occasionally go on the You Version Bible app, but I had the hardest time setting time aside to purposefully pursue God as I so deeply felt God wanted me to do.

I couldn’t understand why my heart was content with other things and not God. I mean I’ve been a Christian for so many years why has my heart not changed? Why do I still prefer worldly things above God? I felt so guilty and ashamed, because I so seldom read my Bible even though I say I am a Christian.

I really wanted to change, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t change that which my heart desired. Ravi Zacharias once said, “The human heart is desperately wicked and would rationalize itself into justifying anything.” I was experiencing this! I wanted to change my heart, but I couldn’t. I know only God can change us and we find transformation in Him, but I had a problem with wanting to pursue Him so that transformation always seemed out of reach. Until one day God revealed the secret to me. I call it the WHAT, HOW and WHY of being a Christian and I pray that this makes sense to you.

The WHAT is the instruction manual to being a Christian. It is all the things a Christian should and should not do. This consists of things like going to church, reading the Bible, praying, loving your enemy, being humble etc. The list can go on forever. I think it is pretty clear what the job description of a Christian is when you read the Bible.

The second part is the WHY. This begs the question why should we follow Christ? Why should I be humble, why should I forgive, why should I die to myself, pick up my cross and follow Jesus? This is a personal journey for each one of us, whether you decide to follow Christ or not. I recently posted a photo on the To be Christian Instagram account and it said the following:

If you live without Jesus you won’t realize how great life can be with Him, but if you live with Jesus you realize how bad life would have been without him.

I follow Jesus because I believe in Him and love Him. I have tried life on my own and I have tried life with Jesus and I will always prefer doing life with Jesus. I can’t do it on my own and I don’t think anyone can. You might experience moments of temporary significance throughout your life without Jesus, but how do you deal with the meaning, origin and destiny of human life? How do you explain morality at its root? These gnawing questions lie deep within us and just often enough they present themselves in our thoughts. We can cover them up and ignore them, but I believe that the truth to these questions are only found in Christ and that real love, purpose and happiness, that goes beyond human understanding, can only be found in Him.

And now we come to the third and final part, the HOW. This is the part that I had such great difficulty dealing with. I knew WHAT I should do as a Christian and I also knew WHY I should do it, but I couldn’t get myself to do it. I didn’t know HOW to do it and yes it is obvious, as in the previous example I used, why don’t I just go to my room, pick up the Bible and start reading, but the HOW I am referring to is HOW do I get myself to want to go to my room and want to pick up the Bible and want to read?

This isn’t an easy question, because what the HOW is asking, is how do we change that which our hearts desire if it goes against our normal human tendency? How do we choose to do what we should do and not what we want to do? In some areas of our lives it might be easy, but in other areas it might be really difficult.

The answer to the HOW is quite simple and straightforward and I am so thankful that God gave me this answer. I have found that it is impossible for us as mere humans to change our hearts. Our actions confirm it every day. We all do, as Paul says in Romans 7:19, the bad which we don’t want to do, and fail to do the good which we want to do. The answer lies in admitting our inability to do what is required of us. God shows Himself strong in our weaknesses and God wants us to admit our inability and selfishness before Him. He wants us to realize that only a great God like Him can truly change our hearts. Some parts of our Christian journey might be easy and we are victorious in those areas, but other parts are empty and void and we struggle with them. God has no reason to fill the parts of our lives that are already filled. He wants to show Himself strong in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:8-9).

We need to stop exhausting ourselves by attempting to do this Christian journey on our own. We only end up more frustrated and tired at the end of the day. Let your prayer start with, “God I can’t. I want to, but I can’t.” I have seen the change in my own life. I have tried fasting so many times and have failed miserably, but when I rely on God’s strength I succeed at fasting for weeks. PlayStation no longer has a position above God, not even close. I know I am weak in that area and I daily ask God to strengthen me and He will never not strengthen us, because He desires for us to be like Him.

Think of every area in your life that you struggle with, whether it is temptations, anger, procrastination, food, lust, laziness, relationships, self-discipline or whatever it might be and take it to God in prayer and admit you need His help. God has His perfect plan and timing for every one of us so I am in no position to say that your life will dramatically change, but I have seen God do what I have struggled for years to do when I just kneel before Him and admit, with a sincere heart, that I need Him and He will help you too in accordance with His great plan and will for your life.

Dealing with Sin

I am writing this post, because I really think a lot of people have sin misunderstood. I clearly do, and part of writing this piece is me trying to figure out how to deal with sin. I have acquired great wisdom from writing as the Holy Spirit speaks to me and so I hope, you reading this, will learn something too.

When I was younger I always viewed sin as the wall that bordered God’s anger and punishment. I feared sin a lot, often times more than I feared God. I thought that God gets extremely angry when we sin and then punishes us for it. I thought sin was something that only made life more difficult as a Christian, in that we had to resist all temptation, hold all anger and frustration inside, think only pure thoughts and say only good and uplifting words. I made it my mission to run from sin that it became a higher priority for me than running to God.

On the other hand I was confused, because at times I wanted to sin. Sin often seems more attractive to us than that which God has to offer. I remember that about two years ago I told myself that I’m going to read through the Bible and make a list of all the things God doesn’t want us to do. So I started with the book of James and underlined all the parts that could be categorized under “do not do.” There is quite a lot I have to say.

The thing is I viewed the nature of God when it comes to sin completely wrong. Does God hate sin? Yes. Is there punishment for sin? Yes. God created man and woman whom He loves, but then sin, that which He hates, entered that which He loves. So God sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for us. So now that which He hates inside of us, has been settled and paid for. So now God can love us without hating that which is inside of us, because as a Christian He is inside of us. Does this mean that as Christians we can do whatever we want, because the wages of our sinful actions have already been paid for? No. As Christians God truly do call us into living righteously. It’s written throughout the Bible. God wants us to live a life distinct from this world. As Christians it is our responsibility to say no to sin.

The thing is though, it is impossible for us to run from sin and actually overcome it on our own. Ravi Zacharias said the following in one of his sermons: “The heart is desperately wicked and will rationalize itself into justifying anything. The human heart is capable of the most extreme things when it is untamed and ungoverned. The problem is not merely moral, the problem is spiritual. This is the unique distinctive teaching of Christ, that your heart and mine is actually capable of limitless thoughts and acts and the Bible calls it sin, meaning very simply the violation of purpose, the violation of God’s purpose for your life and mine.”

I have failed miserably at attempting to run away from sin and it really frustrated me, because isn’t my heart supposed to be transformed as a Christian? Shouldn’t my mind be renewed? After all I have been a Christian for almost ten years. You know I realized that even though there are so many Christians all declaring the name of one God, they all have different views of who the Christian God is. It can be small differences or big differences. Christians might all agree that God wants us to be humble, but what humility is for one person might be the definition of conceited for the other.

 And so I viewed sin in a different light. I saw God as a God who is very strict, who demanded obedience from us and had no tolerance for sin. Oh I had it so wrong. It wasn’t too long ago that the Holy Spirit actually opened my eyes to the nature of God when it comes to sin and it really almost brought me to tears. God doesn’t look at us waiting to punish us when we do wrong. He doesn’t enjoy reprimanding us when we overstep the boundaries. The best way I can explain it is like this.

First of all God is a loving God, He is love and all His actions, words and guidance flows from His limitless storage of love. So when God tells us to not look lustfully at a woman or a man, to not pursue money, to not be prideful or to not let ourselves be controlled by things or substances, He does not do it out of anything but complete love towards us. God is simply saying, and here is what really got to me:

 As the One who created you, I know and have designed your entire life. I can see your future. I can see the consequences of your present actions in two weeks’ time and in two years’ time. As God, I love you so much and I only want the best for you. I have the best life for you, I have the most fulfilling and purpose-filled life for you and I really want you to have and experience this life. Is it free of pain or struggle? No, but in such a sinful world your life will be a lot more painful and sad if you attempt it without me. So I have given you these guidelines, stay with them and don’t do or indulge in the things of this world, because they seem fulfilling yet point you in a direction that leads to shame, guilt, despair, emptiness and ultimately destruction. Trust me when I say don’t do these things, because I only do it out of love. Trust me, because I am God and I know what is best for you.

When I realized that God is just trying to keep me in this amazing plan He has for my life, I understood the problem with sin. It’s not an alternative to God’s word. It’s opposite to His word and when we choose to sin, we are actually saying “God I got this, I will make my own decisions, because I know what is best.” When we see it like this we realize how stupid we are when we choose sin over trusting the guidance of God. And guess what? We don’t have to fear the wages of our sin, because Jesus died for it. And so, yes we do run from sin, but this is only initiated out of our pursuit of Christ. God’s grace has always overwhelmed our greatest acts of sinfulness. As Christians we don’t pursue righteousness because we want to be accepted and loved by God. On the contrary, we pursue righteousness because we are accepted and loved by God. And we will always be loved and accepted by Him, because His love and acceptance is not determined by what we do, rather it is determined by what Jesus did and declared finished.

Talk to God about God

Being a Christian for almost 10 years I have experienced times where I have been really close to God and times where I have been very distant from Him, and no matter how I try to put it, I realize that this is only due to my own negligence in pursuing Him. The distance between me and God was not created because God needed a moment away from me or because my sin intimidated Him. On the contrary, God has searched for us and longs to be with us since the beginning with Adam and Eve. God really wants to be with us and He always pursues us, and as amazing as this is to understand and live in, the Bible also tells us our part of the story. In James 4:8 we read the following:

“Come close to God and God will come close to you.”

As Christians, we have the responsibility to pursue God. When I was a young boy I always spoke about the things in my life with God. If I had problems, questions or anything I would talk to God about it, and as great as this is, I later realized that all I ever spoke about was myself. Only Michael-related issues were important enough to be spoken about and although my intentions were never to have everything revolve around me, as I grew older I kind of felt God asking me, “Can we talk about me for a bit?”

It wasn’t that God needed me to talk about Him, God isn’t insecure. He doesn’t long for a conversation about Him, but God wants me to talk about Him, because it is better for me to talk about God than to talk about myself. God wants us to talk about our emotions, struggles, victories and everything, but we also need talk about God. We need to realise that the greatest thing that has ever happened in our relationship with Jesus, is Him dying on the cross for us which enables us to actually have a relationship with Him. So we need to talk to God about God so that we can understand what the essence of the relationship is all about. Talk about the Bible and what His will and purpose is for you. It is far more beneficial and fulfilling for us to talk about these things.

When we talk about our problems with God our perspectives of our problems doesn’t necessarily change. However, I find it very unlikely that our perspectives won’t change if we speak about God in the midst of our problems. Now this is a personal statement, meaning that this is how I experience it. For example when I failed my engineering degree in 2013 (You can read about it here) I was devastated for about a month and I only felt better once I knew God was calling me to study theology. Before then, however, the reality I had to face was still pretty sad and intense. For that entire month I talked to God about failing engineering and having to deal with it and my perspective of the struggle I was going through never changed. It was only near the end of that particular month that I started to focus more on God than my own issues. Since then my perspective changed and suddenly the embarrassment and not knowing what to do with the rest of my life didn’t seem so overwhelming. I went from speaking to God about my failure, to speaking about God in the midst of my failure. It’s like making a bold statement, a declaration if you will, that even in the midst of current circumstances, God is still in control and will still have His way in this moment even if we cannot understand it.

I believe God want us to talk about ourselves with Him, because He wants to be our closest friend, but he also wants us to talk about Him simply because there is nothing better and more beneficial for us to talk about. Because God loves us so much He only wants the best for us, and He knows that the best for us is to talk about Him.